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Lexikopoleio: An Athenian bookstore specialising in dictionaries of all kinds

Book and language lovers will relish in finding this well-hidden gem in Athens' historical neighbourhood of Kallimarmaro

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05 October 2017

For book and language lovers, there is a well-hidden gem in Greece nested in Athens' historical neighbourhood of Kallimarmaro, Lexikopoleio.

The bookstore on Stasinou 13 specialises in dictionaries and language books of all kinds from all over the world whilst offering a quiet reading area for customers.

Apart from the classical language publications, the browser can find titles in Chinese, Burmese, Arabic, Thai, Armenian, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Basque, Yoruba, Tagalog, Tamil, Urdu, Romper, Tibetan, Sanskrit among other languages and dialects.

They proudly state they offer books on more of less everything: rain, statistics, the underworld, theatre, symbols, manga, and dictionaries for ... dictionaries.

Lexikopoleio caters for specialists requiring terminology dictionaries in architecture, computer science, biology, history, electronics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, engineering, physics, psychology and politics to name a few. Stationary and arts, and book-related gifts are also part of their style.

Visitors can also see them online at

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