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Liberal MP Alex Hawke denies Greek citizenship

The assistant immigration minister's mother was born in Greece and immigrated to Australia in the 1950s

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Liberal MP Alex Hawke.

06 November 2017

Just when you may have thought the dual citizenship 'saga', as it is so aptly referred to, was over, Alex Hawke is the latest parliamentarian to be called into question.

The Liberal MP has been accused of potentially holding Greek citizenship, given his mother was born in Greece and immigrated to Australia in the 1950s.

However the Australian-born assistant immigration minister has denied he is a dual citizen, and maintains he only holds Australian citizenship.

"I am an Australian citizen only and have never held or acquired or sought Greek or any other citizenship," Mr Hawke told News Corp Australia.

Meanwhile the Greek Embassy in Canberra has reportedly said that when born to a parent of Greek nationality that the child acquires Greek citizenship at birth, whether activated or not.

Currently both the Liberal and Labor parties are carrying out internal audits of all MPs to ensure they do not hold dual citizenship. While the Greens will be setting up a committee for when the Senate next sits, to force senators to prove their citizenship status.

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Absolutely sick and tired of this ridiculous dual-citizen debate. No European country–especially the bureaucratic Mediterranean ones–do you the favor of automatically granting you citizenship upon birth just because one of your parents (or grandparents) were their citizens. The claim in the article regarding the Greek embassy is nonsense, considering the Greek state couldn't care less about people born overseas to one or two Greek parents. If you don't yourself go to the consulate and apply for citizenship, there is no way the Greek state will know about your birth let alone make you a Greek citizen. And this goes for the Italians as well. So stop claiming all the super Aussie MPs in Canberra, who have lost any ethnic identity they may have had (save Vamvakinou–the only one proud of her heritage), are citizens of another, culturally superior country. Most MPs don't even speak the language of their ethnic heritage and don't know a thing about its culture. Give us a break.

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