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'Little' Greek restaurant drama

Brisbane restaurateur Elli Parmaklis of the Little Greek Taverna wins the case against Little Greek Cuzina

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The Little Greek Taverna owners.

16 September 2016

A trademark dispute between two Greek restaurants in Brisbane recently reached the Federal Court of Australia resulting in a name change for one of the eateries. 

Little Greek Taverna, obtained an interlocutory injunction issued on September 5 against Little Greek Cuzina, another restaurant in the same city.

The injunction, prevents Cuzina from using the word “little” in their description.

Taverna filed a complaint against Cuzina, as "their name was confusing customers and as a result was damaging our business," resulting in a decline in revenue.

Taverna co-owner Elli Parmaklis told the Federal Court that she had been contacted “countless times with complaints that ‘our’ Graceville or Bulimba restaurants weren’t at the same standard as the original Little Greek Taverna in West End”.

The little Greek cuzina in Bulimba.


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