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Meetings by Peny Giannakou

A few days prior to the feast day of Mary in February, photographer Peny Giannakou set about documenting the doors on the island of Astypalaia and reveals the locals hidden behind them

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Photos: The Greek Foundation via Peny Giannakou

28 December 2016

But how many daydreams we should have to analyse under the simple heading of Doors! For the door is an entire cosmos of the Half-open.

In fact, it is one of its primal images, the very origin of a daydream that accumulates desires and temptations: the temptation to open up the ultimate depths of being, and the desire to conquer all reticent beings. The door schematises two strong possibilities, which sharply classify two types of daydream. At times, it is closed, bolted, padlocked. At others, it is open, that is to say, wide open. But then come the hours of greater imagining sensibility. On May nights, when so many doors are closed, there is one that is just barely ajar. We have only to give it a very 22S the dialectics of outside and inside slight push! The hinges have been well oiled. And our fate becomes visible.

Gaston Bachelard says.

February in Astypalaia island. Locals at the traditional tavern of the capital city. A few days prior to the Virgin Mary of the February celebration. Doorknobs decorate the exquisite doors in the centre of the island. Doors closed, especially in the winter months. People open and refined with the first sight. In the same manner you need to knock a door and enter a residency, you need a bidirectional clear gaze in order to enter a personality.

* Courtesy of The Greek Foundation

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