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Nine people charged in Greece over terrorism-related offences

The Turkish citizens were also accused of having links to an outlawed militant group

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The nine arrested were brought to court wearing bullet proof vests. Photo: Latest News - Real English

01 December 2017

Eight men and a woman have been charged on terrorism-related offences in Greece following early morning raids by anti-terror police on Tuesday across three locations in Athens.

The nine Turkish citizens were charged on Wednesday, and were brought in bulletproof vests to court where a small group of supporters were shouting slogans in solidarity.

Police managed to seize materials "available on the market that could potentially be used to make explosives" as well as travel documents and digital material.

They defendants were charged with forming and participating in a terrorist organisation, violating legislation on possession of explosives and weapons, and resistance against authority.

The terrorist organisation in question is the far-left militant group DHKP/C who have been responsible for a host of suicide bombings in Turkey since 1990, including the 2013 suicide bombing of the American embassy in Ankara.

While they have yet to enter a formal plea, according to their lawyer Alexandra Zorbala, the accused have denied any wrongdoing and will be pleading not guilty.

"They are refugees," said Ms Zorbala.

"Some have sought, others have received asylum ... they are fighters who are struggling against a fascist regime, against torture and thousands of arrests."
According to police, one of the men arrested was already on the wanted listed in connection with a previous case of transferring guns from the Turkish coast to Chios in July 2013.

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