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No more school trips abroad for Greek students

Greek Government bans travels for cultural and environmental educational purposes

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Italy & The Greek Islands - Student Travel Tour.
Photo: EF College Break

05 January 2018

Greece's educational system is in turmoil again, following the recent enforcement of a ban that has been in place since spring and bans educational trips abroad for high school students.

Following several failed attempts from teacher and student boards to book educational holidays outside of Greece, the Greek government has released a statement defending its decision.

The Education Ministry supports that the ban has been enforced to protect financially disadvantaged children from the “trauma” of not being able to afford to join their school peers on international programs.

"The decision was made after government officials realised many Greek families were unable to cover the expense of a foreign educational school trip for their children," the statement explained encouraging schools across the country to organise educational excursions within Greece.

The annual final-year five-day recreational excursions, however, are still allowed both domestically and abroad.

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