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$320K project underway to improve security and pedestrian safety in Eaton Mall, Oakleigh

Monash Mayor Paul Klisaris said the new plan will also include bollards across the three intersections in the mall to deter vehicles from entering the area

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Photo: Monash Council

05 January 2018

Monash Mayor Paul Klisaris announced that the Eaton Mall Pedestrian Safety Project will include better security infrastructure and bollards across the three intersections in the mall to deter vehicles from entering the area.

The State Government is providing $250,000 towards the project through the Department of Justice Public Safety Infrastructure Fund. Council has allocated $70,000 to the project. A total of $320,000 has been allocated towards the project, with the aim to improve pedestrian safety in Eaton Mall, Oakleigh.

“The project has been guided by the Federal Government’s 'Hostile Vehicle Guidelines for Crowded Places' report and the heightened security concerns about random attacks using vehicles, such as the terrible incidents in the Bourke Street Mall and Flinders Street,” Cr Klisaris said.

“Eaton Mall is a very popular place for outside dining and attracts huge numbers of people and it’s important we now put measures in place to safeguard visitors given the heightened security concerns.”

Council has also been working to deter motorbike riders from riding and parking their bikes through the pedestrian areas of the Oakleigh Activity Centre and the installation of the security measures will assist in deterring motorbike access.

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