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Ricciardo shortchanged by Red Bull

The Australian formula one driver Daniel Riccairdo is paid a pittance compared to his Red Bull teammate

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Daniel Ricciardo might want to ask for a bit of a payrise. Photo: AAP.

14 August 2014

The always smiling Daniel Ricciardo might not be so cheery, after finding out how much his teammate earns.

According to figures from Business Book GP2014 , four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel earns an enormous $31.7 million annual wage from Red Bull, compared to his teammate Ricciardo's $1.1 million.

Thats 29 times the pay of the Australian driver.

The pay bracket might need some rethinking, after Ricciardo is in fact sitting above his teammate on the driver standings.

Ricciardo is third in the 2014 drivers' championship on 131 points, with the struggling Vettel in sixth on 88 points.

It means Vettel costs Red Bull $360,000 for each championship point - 43 times more than the $8,396 a point for Ricciardo.

The top three driver salaries were all the same, with Vettel, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen all earning $31.7 million for their year long season.

Lewis Hamilton, second on the driver standings comes in a third, with $28.8 million.

Driver salaries in 2014:
1. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull): $31.7 million
2. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari): $31.7m
3. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari): $31.7m
4. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): $28.8m
5. Jenson Button (McLaren): $23.1m
6. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes): $17.3m
7. Felipe Massa (Williams): $5.8m
8. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India): $5.8m
9. Romain Grosjean (Lotus): $4.3m
10. Pastor Maldonado (Lotus): $4.3m
15. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull): $1.1m


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