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Spain's most violent day since 2004

Thirteen people dead, over 100 injured after Barcelona terror attack

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Injured people are treated in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017 after a white van jumped the sidewalk in the historic Las Ramblas district, crashing into a summer crowd of residents and tourists and injuring several people, police said. AAP via AP Photo/Oriol Duran

18 August 2017

Thirteen people, including a 3-year-old child, have been confirmed killed in the Thursday afternoon attack on Barcelona's Las Ramblas walkway, when a van run over a crowd.

Spanish authorities stated that the death toll will most likely rise as 15 people are injured and in critical condition at the moment.

The identities of the victims have not yet been released but according to a CNN report acquired from local authorities they come from 18 countries: France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Argentina, Venezuela, Belgium, Australia, Hungary, Peru, Romania, Ireland, Greece, Cuba, FYROM, China, Italy, and Algeria.

A Belgian woman was reportedly among those who lost their lives, while Greek and Australian authorities confirm citizens amongst the wounded.

Police are currently working under the assumption that two other incidents nearby are linked to the main terrorist event with ISIS taking credit: a deadly attack in the seaside city of Cambrils and a house explosion in Alcanar coast.

Spain's Prime Minister called it an act of "jihadi terrorism".

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