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Tourist agency called to pay $57,000 to British tourist in compensation for fall in Santorini

The 60-year-old suffered a fall while walking down a staircase, resulting in a fractured arm

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Carole Peters outside Central London County Court. Photo: Daily Mirror

22 September 2017

A 60-year-old Devon woman was awarded £33,750 (AUD$57,785) in damages payable by the international travel agent TUI. Carole Peters and her husband Kim were holidaying in Santorini in 2011 and staying at the Hotel Oliada in Perivolos as part of a holiday package organised by TUI.

She suffered a fall while walking down a staircase, which resulted to a fractured arm.

The hotel denied any liability, stating that the woman was drunk at the time, which was a common occurrence.

The judge dismissed the claim that the woman was a "party animal" and ordered the agency to compensate her for her misfortune.

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