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Trump invites Tsipras to the White House

The two leaders will meet to discuss terrorism, security and immigration

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06 October 2017

Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is scheduled to meet with US President Donald Trump in Washington most likely on 17 October after accepting the latter's invitation.

The White House is yet to issue the official statement about the exact date of the visit.

During the visit the two leaders are to discuss regional security, defence, and terrorism including the Souda naval base on Crete and its activity.

The meeting will also focus on bilateral issues and the refugee crisis as well as investments and collaborations in the field of energy, according to AMNA. reported that "President Trump is not expected to announce any dramatic change on the issue of the Greek economy but he will definitely stress the need for investments and debt restructuring in Greece" citing anonymous diplomatic sources in Washington.

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Trump has business interests in Turkey. He has already shown his bias by meeting with Erdogan first. And he has openly stated that Turkey is America's close friend. So what will Tsipras hear? Will he be ordered to accept this or that? Told what to do? Advised that no help will come if...? Certainly I do not believe that Tsipras has the courage or the leadertship to call upon Trump to demand that Turkey cease making threats towards our islands or against Cyprus. That Turkey stop sailing into Hellenic jurisdiction waters or flying over Hellenic airspace. That Turkey never again threaten any aircraft that wishes to land on those islands

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