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Turkey claims Aegean islets

Turkish Foreign Minister mentions the Imia conflict and tells the Parliament that the options are diplomacy or war

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Turkey's President Recep Tayip Erdogan speaks during a meeting at the presidential palace in Ankara, Turkey, Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017. Photo: Yasin Bulbul/AAP/Pool via AP

21 December 2017

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayip Erdogan, may have made clear that his country does not have any territorial claims over Greece, but the message did not reach his cabinet.

The issue of Aegean island ownership was brought up during a heated debate in the parliament this week, when the opposition confronted Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.
Speaking about certain islands that Ankara insists are part of Turkish territory, Mr Cavusoglu, said that the country will resolve the matter either by means of diplomacy, or by military intervention.

"We continue our diplomatic talks with Greece," he said. "If we do not agree, the parliament will decide on the alternatives and we will apply them. But this is a national policy. This is not an issue that will be discussed in the corridors. We established a team of military personnel at the Ministry of National Defense. We discussed the problem and the steps we can take. Is it more beneficial to reduce tension or increase it?"

Referring to the Imia conflict, which resulted to Greek soldiers losing their life in 1996, Cavusoglu insisted that the government considers this "occupation" a national issue and that the ruling party, AKP, is not responsible for how the incident turned out, because they were not the government then.

During his speech, Cavusoglu said that Turkey has three options: Try to work out a diplomatic solution with Greece, take the issue to the International Court, or send the Turkish army to claim the islets.

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Diplomacy of war, meaning either Hellas completely and totally capitulates or Turkey will invade, sparking a war that could grow into who knows what proportions. Let's be blunt, dear readers. This is NOT new but has been building for years. Only the absolutely ignorant and ill informed have no idea. Years ago, Erdogan the tyrant, stated that he dreamed of the glory days of the Ottoman Empire and of himself leading Turkey back to those days. Meaning, enslaving Hellas and much of the Balkans. He has openly stated he has considered re invading Cyprus and posting even more Turkish troops there. And most recently he and several Ministers as well as the Opposition have openly stated this desire - to claim islands that have been Hellenic soil since before Christ. And all through this time he has sent his war ships into Hellenic waters and his jets Hellenic air jurisdiction. He has also threatened Tsipras and others if they visit the islands. Yet, when have you heard the USA openly advise him to stay calm? When have you heard NATO warn him that they will not tolerate such threats to world peace. When have you heard the UN stand up for Hellas? What annoys me is that, unless Tsipras and co get on their knees, and if they do the next civil war or revolution will begin as Hellenes fight back, there will be war - based on these open demands and clear threats. Europe will have to become involved. Certainly the Balkans will be threatened by such moves although I trust Fyrom and Albania like I trust Erdogan's regime. In such a circumstance, Hellas will be fighting on three different fronts. So I am asking - UN, NATO even the EU - will you act now or are YOU beholding to the war manufacturers of the USA< France, Germany, Russia and Britain who love wars as they make mega billion dollar profits???

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