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Turkey threatens Greece and Cyprus

Devlet Bahceli : “If the Greeks want to fall in the sea again, the Turkish army is ready"

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Devlet Bahceli. Photo: SON TV

01 March 2017

The chairman of the extreme right Turkish Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Devlet Bahceli openly threatened Greece and Cyprus.

Speaking to his party’s parliamentary group on 26 February, Bahceli said: “If the Greek Cypriot administration wants to, it can emigrate to Athens,” he said. “The Greek Cypriots must understand that Cyprus is Turkish, is home of the Turks."

Commenting on the recent increasing tensions between the two countries in the Aegean Sea as well as the longstanding Cyprus issue, Mr. Bahceli said that Turkey would respond to the Greek moves in the Aegean as it had done in the past, Tornos News reports.

“The union is a fantasy… The Greek Cypriot administration wants to unite with Greece. If they do, they must leave the island and emigrate to Athens… Why do the Turks accept such absurdity?” Bahceli said. “Cyprus is legacy of our heroes, it cannot be abandoned,” he stated.

“If the Greek-Cypriots want to unite with Greece at all costs they must leave the island and migrate to Athens and never return back.”

Expending on the Greek-Turkish confrontations in the Aegean and using Greece's top military official's visit to the Greek island of Oinouses claiming it belongs to Turkey.

"Someone must explain to this spoiled brat to not try our patience,” Bahceli said referring to his Greek counterpart.

“The Greek Foreign Minister is making threats," he continued, "Greece besieged with hostility the islands and islets that were not won in the Balkan wars and not to given to them in Lausanne. They must unconditionally put an end to this occupation. Their behavior must be based on international standards."

“If they (Greeks) want to fall into the sea again, if they want to be hunted down, they are welcome, the Turkish army is ready. Someone must explain to the Greek Government what happened in 1921 and 1922. If there is no one to explain it to them, we can come like a bullet in the Aegean and teach them history all over again."

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To the ''so called'' Hellenic Australian journalists, radio and TV personalities in the main stream media, are any of you listening? Reading? Thinking? Because the only place where you might read a story SO VERY SERIOUS is in a paper such as this one. The world hears stories of how much Turkey cares for refugees, how Turkey suffers from the refugee crisis, how ISIL attacks Turkey... So sad. But where are the real facts? That Erdogan is closely aligned with ISIL and could not care less if they attack his country as it only makes him look like a strong leader when he responds. That Turkey consistently sends refugees by boat or by foot across Thrace into Hellas. And where the heck is that useless body NATO? Or how about those deranged morons in the EU, EC...? If Hellas suffers in a war with Turkey, do they really believe that Erdogan will not invade further? A man who has previously openly stated a desire to return to the broad power and control of the Ottoman era??? Hellas needs help but the world is not interested, partly due to corruption by those with business interests in Turkey (and good morning Donny Trump), and partly due to the poor leadership from ALL Hellenic political parties including the incumbent Government, PM and President. Is there anyone who can help?

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