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US tourists express their love for Greece

Greece has received rave reviews across all categories including hotel quality, restaurants, and site seeing

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Mykonos, Greece. Photo: Travel + Leisure

08 December 2017

As the tourism industry relies more and more on online tools to connect, platforms such as TripAdvisor have become key players in making or breaking a destination.

So, the fact that the website gave Greece rave reviews is not without significance. Most of the positive reviews come from users based in the US; they state that they got the best experience in the country, giving top ratings to Greece across all categories - hotel quality, restaurants, and site seeing.

American tourists still rank second in terms of being interested in Greece, with UK users being first. Italians come third to express interest in Greece via the platform, although they are the ones who have submitted the worst reviews for the country.

In general tough, Greece's presence on TripAdvisor reflects the industry's booming year, since it has marked an 18 percent rise in viewings in 2017 so far, compared to the respective numbers of 2016.

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