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Would they call you an Aussie?

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22 December 2009

Arthur Demas I wonder how many blonde hair blue eyed Aussies would look at you and call you an Aussie?

I do not agree with your position at all.

Yes, granted Australia has provided us with many opportunities but the blood running in your veins is GREEK and hence where your loyalties should lie.

And like I said, us Greeks will always be seen as WOGS and therefore I do not understand how you offer your loyalties to a country that does not see us as AUSTRALIANS.

Maria Moshonas Allawah NSW

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Bravo Abalinx. It is not the question of how others perceive us that should define our identity but rather how we percive oursleves. By blaming others vis a vis Anglo Australians and how they perceive us and using this as some justification for us to denounce our birthplace ( Australia) is to me weak and self defeating. Yes indeed I have Hellenic Blood and I am fiercely proud of it. It is why my hair stands on ends when I hear the magical sounds of the Bouzouki, it is why I enjoy dearly my Ouzo with a slice of Cucumber, it is why I boast always my "Souvla" when I have my backyard barbecue....I do all this in my home Australia. But I was born in Australia, I love Australia and so are and do my Children and I will never ever tell or let anyone tell my Children that they are not Australian. Australia is our home and we should be fiercely proud of same.
Thank you Maria Indeed Greeks as yourself give me strength in the belief that there still are enough people in our community who really care about their people. I think Arthur either is naive to believe that he will be accepted. In this world all we have is our name our family and our community. Just because we find ourselves halfway around the world we should not trade it for anything.
I am somewhat concerned that the language and attitudes displayed in these letters leaves a lot to be desired. My first observation is the word "WOG". The Hellenic people are not seen as "wogs", but will be if we keep referring ourselves as such. My second observation is the words "the blood running in your veins is GREEK and hence where your loyalties should lie." I beg to differ greatly and I am offended by this. There are many of us who have Hellenic origins and who have served and many are still serving this country as Australians not as Greeks or Hellenes and certainly not as “wogs”. If you love Hellenic history as many of us do, you will numerous episodes throughout our History that the Hellenic people did not always have their loyalties to the” mother country” but to the highest bidder. (Persia, Rome, Macedonia, Egypt and I could go on and on.) While we live in the great country of ours our allegiance is to this country and no other country. If the Hellenic republic requires support from its Hellenic peoples scattered throughout the world, I am positive that it will receive it. Just like Mother England may request support from its Australian cousins. This brings me to true story that will open your eyes. Whilst I was serving as a Warrant officer in the Australian Defence Force, I was asked by my mates, who would I support should we find ourselves in battle against Hellenic Forces. My answer to my mates was that One I wear the uniform of Australia and my loyalties remain here and secondly should heaven forbid I betray that trust, how is a Hellenic (Sphera) bullet going to distinguish me from that of an Australian soldier. Wake up sport and realise just how lucky you are. As for the word “wog” as you so well put it, you have no idea what it was like in our day to be called that. Still we all managed to rise above it and embraced the Australian culture WITHOUT losing our Hellenic identity. Get with it and grow up for you are an embarrassment to us all who have Hellenic origins. A proud Aussie with Hellenic origins: Peter Adamis Watsonia

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