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Anzac sacrifice marked in Greece

Top brass visit Lemnos in preparation for Anzac Centenary

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School student Michael Manoussakis places a poppy at the grave of Private Peter Rados in Gallipoli. Rados was killed at Anzac Cove on 19 May 1915 and is one of at least twelve Australian soldiers of Hellenic heritage who served at Gallipoli. Photo: Premier's Spirit of Anzacs Prize 2014.

22 April 2014

Anzac Day was commemorated early in Lemnos this year, with Australia's Deputy Chief of the Navy, Rear Admiral Michael van Balen, participating in the official commemorative event organised by the Lemnos regional government on April 7.

Australia's ambassador to Greece Jenny Bloomfield confirmed that the visit by the RAN chief is a precursor to the navy's major presence at Lemnos in a year's time to mark the Anzac Centenary.

Rear Admiral van Balen was joined by his Greek counterparts Chief of the Hellenic Navy - Evangelos Apostolakis and Vice Chief of the Hellenic Defence Force - Vice Admiral Alexandros Theodosiou.

Present alongside Ambassador Bloomfield was Regional Councillor for Lemnos, Mr Savvas Vareltzis, Mayor of Lemnos - Mr Antonis Chatzidiamantis, as well as other local dignitaries.

NZ ambassador to Greece Mr Trevor Matheson - who is based in Rome, and the Canadian ambassador Mr Robert Peck also participated. Canadian nurses served in Lemnos during the Gallipoli campaign, alongside British, New Zealand and Australian medical staff.

Joining the officials were secondary school students from Victoria who had been awarded the Victorian Premier's Spirit of the Anzacs Prize. Representing the state government was Bill Sykes MP - the Nationals member for Benalla. The students also visited Gallipoli as part of their study tour.

In her speech at the Lemnos wreath-laying ceremony, Ambassador Bloomfield said: "From Lemnos and Gallipoli in 1915, to the Battle of Crete in May 1941, and around the world, Australians and Greeks have fought to uphold our shared values with courage, with self-sacrifice, with mateship and with compassion.
"Today, to the people of Lemnos, we express our nation's deep appreciation. And to all those - Australians, New Zealanders, Greeks and all our friends - who sacrificed their lives so that we may preserve our way of life - their courage, their selflessness, their compassion, their sense of service and duty, inspire us to live by those ideals."

During the Lemnos commemorations Ambassador Bloomfield announced a project with Greek Australian composer Tassos Ioannidis to mark the Centenary of Anzac involving a collaboration between Australian, Greek and Turkish artists.
In Athens, the Australian embassy's Anzac Day commemoration will be held at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Alimos (Phaleron) on April 25 at 11.00 am. The commemoration is open to all.

Joining dignitaries will be Greece's Minister of National Defence, Mr Dimitris Avramopoulos.

Young Australians acknowledging the duty and sacrifice of their forbears will also feature at the Athens event. Attending will be a group of school students from the Hunter Valley who will lay a wreath on behalf of WWII Battle of Greece veteran Alfred Carpenter.

They met 97-year-old Mr Carpenter - who lives in Newcastle - through the 'Adopt a Digger' schools program.

Mr Carpenter went to Greece with the 2/4 Australian Infantry Battalion in April 1941. The Greek campaign in WWII was the only time - other than WWI - that an Australian and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) was officially formed.

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I know every Library in Australia has been cleansed of History books, even those that used to be part of the School curriculum, but are Greeks such inept and people of the lowest mental capacity that they have to pretend that the British Colonial Empire was the allies of the Greeks. The British released the archives that were hundred years old, and, they do not hide the truth. Anglo Australians ignore the historical archives as they do not want to be seen as a tribe that was thought of as being no more than a store house for cannon fodder. Greeks ignoring reality and trying to be more Anglo than the Anglo will not be seen as people of merit, in fact they must be the laughing stock of all Australians who can read and write. At no time did the British Colonial Empire consider the welfare of Greeks or Greece. Modern Greece was in fact created by the British as a base to continue the attack against the Ottoman Empire. The War against the remnant Ottoman Empire continues every day. Greeks found themselves fighting on all sides depending who was holding the sword at their throat. Many Greek men and women were part of the Ottoman army fighting the invaders in Gallipoli and in Palestine. The German invasion of Yugoslavia & Greece is regarded as one of the successes of the British & Russian governments. They enticed the Germans into the Balkans by a pretend army of 10,000 Australian children from the slums of Melbourne and Sydney invading Greece. By sacrificing millions of Yugoslavs and Greeks, they saved a few thousand valuable Russian troops. Every war in the last two hundred years in Europe has been about trade, and, who owns the market place. Greeks were and are no more than a commodity to be used by the Colonial Powers. People under pressure do try to copy their masters. Even in the German concentration camps before the food supply had dried up, the young inmates copied the manners of the guards and modified their clothes to look like them as much as possible. Greeks should stop behaving like idiots and burning history books, and, creating silly stories they think the Anglo War machine wants to hear. A few decades ago there was a celebration of a British invasion in Greece that wiped out all the Greek Army Officers who took to the Mountains, while Greece was under German occupation, here in Melbourne. We were all shocked, and we all kept quiet. Greeks are not wanted or needed in the Australian armed forces. The Anglo Australians would not be bothered if Greeks read history books or the British archives, as long as we kept working quietly. Anglo Australians do not have the Chinese thought that everybody must have green buttons on their shirts, and, say yes sir ten times a day, they are more pragmatic. The Anglo Leaders might make speeches to jolly up the peasants in the suburbs and little towns about fighting to protect our country, so that another generation of cannon fodder can make themselves available, but they are not talking to us Greek Australians. We all need to find some back bone and courage and read the books. The truth shall free us.

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