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Ithaca to get top class resort

Iliad Resort, when completed, will have individual hotels, villas and residences across 400 hectares

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Iliad resort in Ithaca, once completed, is expected to be the largest master planned resort in the Greek islands. Photo supplied.

28 April 2014

Portfolio International Holding Limited, an international company with many years of development and investment history that can be traced in Australia, the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and Mexico, is planning to build a luxurious resort in the southern shores of Ithaca.

The project is called Iliad Resort and the plans are already posted on the website of the company ( Amongst others the developers plan to build a 200 slip mega yacht marina, a waterfront village and marina retail, six luxury resorts, comprising of 1,020 resort suites and condominiums, and 150 golf course residences, and an 18-hole Greg Norman designed golf course.

The Iliad Resort will be situated on 400 hectares of Ionian sea front land on the Ionian island of Ithaca, and when completed it will be the largest master planned resort in the Greek islands.

According to the developers, Setai Hotels and Resorts, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts and Rotana Hotels have all agreed to manage, brand and operate individual hotels, villas and residences within the master plan.

Originally formed in 1984 in Australia, Portfolio has completed 22 projects globally and has as its principal partners Ian Meredith and Chris Meredith.

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There goes Ithaca...

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