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  • 8 Oct 2014 (0)

    A restored group of 300-year-old caves in Perivolas - once the homes, wineries and stables of fishermen and farmers - is now a complex of 17 luxury houses.

  • 7 Oct 2014 (0)

    As the promise of Greece's once-fiery economy has dwindled away, immigrants have experienced homelessness and hostility - as well as a peculiar yearning for the old communist ways.

  • 6 Oct 2014 (0)

    Greek designer Tassos Sofroniou will showcase his designs in Sydney, as his costumes take to the stage in the dance performance Louder Than Words.

  • 2 Oct 2014 (0)

    The Greece of today, through the eyes of Melbourne student Elena Piakis.

  • 1 Oct 2014 (0)

    Jim and Neda Mangioros have given up their lifestyle and career to help troubled Melbourne youth and needy adults, through their Endless Horizons Kids
    Youth and Outreach Centre.

  • 30 Sep 2014 (0)

    Melbourne-born photographer and filmmaker Angelos Giotopoulos has called Athens home for a decade and has seen Greece in its highs and lows.

  • 24 Sep 2014 (0)

    Performing with the Sydney Dance Company, Petros Treklis has his talent and hard work to thank for a professional career in dance.

  • 23 Sep 2014 (0)

    Over 1,000 members of the group Aussies in Thess, that unites Greek Australians living in Northern Greece, regard both countries as their home.

  • 22 Sep 2014 (0)

    Maree Skalistis is only 18, but already determined to make a difference in the world of social justice. She will represent Australia at the Model UN Conference in The Hague.

  • 18 Sep 2014 (0)

    Greek Australian actor Stathis Grapsas, has devoted years of his life voluntarily doing theatre with detainees of Athenian prisons. Now he is back in Melbourne to do the same.

  • 17 Sep 2014 (0)

    For artist Zac Koukoravas, embracing chance and chaos in his art made for a much more interesting final product.

  • 15 Sep 2014 (1)

    Alexandra Symeonidou was a stewardess at Saudi Arabian Airlines when she fell in love with her pilot colleague. The years of torture she endured are now depicted in her book.

  • 10 Sep 2014 (0)

    Prolific Greek choreographer Andonis Foniadakis reveals the secrets of his stage art and why Greece lets its talents go.

  • 9 Sep 2014 (0)

    Lex Marinos opens up in his 'irresponsible memoir', a book dedicated to our common migrant story and the recent screen history of Australia.

  • 8 Sep 2014 (1)

    Opened in 1962, Hellas Cakes has outlasted and outrun many Greek zaharoplastia in Melbourne.

  • 3 Sep 2014 (0)

    Award-winning installation artist Eric Demetriou talks to Neos Kosmos about his love for destruction.

  • 2 Sep 2014 (0)

    Psychologist Eva Kimonis talks about what makes a psychopath and the work she's doing with unemotional children

  • 1 Sep 2014 (0)

    International pop crooner, George Perris is in Australia, touring with Tina Area to promote his new album.

  • 28 Aug 2014 (0)

    Vintage family photos from a bygone era serve as an homage to Cyprus before 1950 and the dying generation of those who remember it, says Con Emmanuelle.

  • 25 Aug 2014 (0)

    'Spin' isn't such a new concept - in ancient Rome, the art of persuasion for political advancement was a fine art

  • 21 Aug 2014 (0)

    Melbourne double bass player and composer, Nick Tsiavos will perform his seven hour-long Akathistos at this year's Festival of Slow Music in Ballarat

  • 18 Aug 2014 (0)

    The Bendigo Writers Festival hosted three Greek Australian writers, to discuss different ideas of Greece that emerge in Australian writing.

  • 14 Aug 2014 (0)

    Lieutenant Commander Andrea Argirides is determined to help save archaeological treasures in conflict zones.

  • 11 Aug 2014 (1)

    Peter Rados, at the age of 23 enlisted to serve Australian Imperial Forces and his new homeland. He was killed in action and buried just a few miles away from his birthplace.

  • 7 Aug 2014 (0)

    Up for yet another of her business endeavours, Nicole Condos' collection 'Candles by Nikoletta' captures the scent and memories of Greek summer.

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