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  • 24 Sep 2013 (0)

    The former Labor member for Hindmarsh was a casualty of his party's infighting, but gracious in defeat, this campaigner is not done yet, writes Michael Sweet

  • 23 Sep 2013 (0)

    Elspeth Geronimos talks to Michael Sweet about her new exhibition Reactions, a reflection of the Greek capital and its citizens during the crisis

  • 20 Sep 2013 (0)

    Jim Claven walks the windy streets of the Lemnian village Kontias - exploring its history and its resurrection

  • 19 Sep 2013 (0)

    A new university study aims to chart trends in the continent's latest wave of emigration

  • 18 Sep 2013 (0)

    Stefan Cassomenos has been tickling the ivories since the age of four. Here he tells Neos Kosmos his story of living behind the keys of a piano

  • 18 Sep 2013 (0)

    Red Cross is set to celebrate 100 years of service and this time they need your help

  • 17 Sep 2013 (0)

    John Papandriopoulos, developer of the fastest smartphone camera app in the world, talks about his early days of IT in Australia and now in Silicone Valley.

  • 12 Sep 2013 (0)

    The first Indian films shown in Australia were targeted to Greek audiences. Thanks to cinephile Peter Yiannoudes, Bollywood came to Australia through Greek cinemas.

  • 11 Sep 2013 (0)

    Exploring Fener and Balat - the old Greek and Jewish quarters of Istanbul

  • 10 Sep 2013 (0)

    An interview in Neos Kosmos made Scottish Australian journalist Marjory McGinn - and her love affair with Greece - a media and sociological event in the Hellenic Republic

  • 9 Sep 2013 (0)

    Greek Australian actor Greg Pandelidis talks to Neos Kosmos about his new play Heart Thy Neighbour and ethnic diversity in the arts

  • 5 Sep 2013 (0)

    Greek dancer Leeco Kosmidis grew up with Michael Jackson and dreamed that one day he would dance with him. Now his dream has come true

  • 4 Sep 2013 (0)

    Why it matters for the living in war torn countries with civil unrest and conflict

  • 4 Sep 2013 (0)

    Adam Bandt talks to Neos Kosmos about why Australia needs a third way more than ever

  • 3 Sep 2013 (0)

    Judge me on consistency, says Independent Senator

  • 2 Sep 2013 (0)

    Experts from the University of Melbourne bring one of the most highly regarded collections of Greek vases to light

  • 1 Sep 2013 (0)

    As we celebrate Father's Day, we take the time to honour the men who shaped and moulded us, and inspire us daily

  • 29 Aug 2013 (0)

    Australian filmmaker David Adams is walking in the footsteps of Alexander and his army

  • 28 Aug 2013 (1)

    Senator Arthur Sinodinos could be returning to familiar ground - the engine room of a Federal Coalition government.

  • 27 Aug 2013 (0)

    Andreas C Chrysafis walks us through the historic Museum of Steni; in the picturesque Cypriot town of the same name

  • 26 Aug 2013 (0)

    Greek Australians mark the 60th anniversary of the arrival of Greek migrants in Bonegilla with a photographic exhibition of a time that was

  • 22 Aug 2013 (0)

    As the sitting member for one of Australia's most hotly-contested electorates, Labor's man in Adelaide's west has a fight on his hands.

  • 21 Aug 2013 (0)

    When it comes to heritage, Greek Aboriginal Andrew Jackomos says he's got the best of both worlds.

  • 20 Aug 2013 (0)

    Life isn't a right, it's a gift. Neos Kosmos meets four-year-old Lukas, a shy but curious child suffering from a rare brain tumor called medulloblastoma.

  • 19 Aug 2013 (0)

    We take a closer look at the August 15 celebrations in and around Greece

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