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  • Sweet Mama's cafe is being evicted despite assurances to the contrary
    3 May 2010 (0)

    Popular Bourke Street cafe, Sweet Mama's Cafe has been evicted from its Melbourne council owned premise to make way for large youth fashion chain, Globalize.

  • 3 May 2010 (0)

    The Rudd government announced yesterday a sweeping set of tax reforms as part of the Henry Tax review.

  • Greek teacher Eleni Tsefala
    3 May 2010 (1)

    Teachers from Greece working in Victorian schools face major cuts in entitlements

  • 27 Apr 2010 (0)

    “Strength in unity” was the catch phrase at the SAE Oceania meeting for the inclusion of the Greek Language in the National Schools Curriculum, held last Friday in Melbourne.

  • Christiana Hadjiyianni, Year 11 at Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College.
    27 Apr 2010 (0)

    Two Greek-Australian VCE students share their insights into why studying the Greek language is so important to them.

  • Dr Maria Hill
    27 Apr 2010 (0)

    Despite having been awarded a medal from the Greek government for their role in the
    campaign, Australia has yet to recognise these Anzacs.

  • L-R Health Minister, PM and Federal Treasurer
    27 Apr 2010 (0)

    Criticism was targeted at the "new level of bureaucracy" which will be co-managed by the states

  • Members of the Hellenic RSL at the Anzac Day Parade.
    27 Apr 2010 (0)

    Hellenic RSL members, Greek Australians in the Australian Armed Forces all commemorate Anzac Day.

  • One of the controversial scenes from The Pacific
    21 Apr 2010 (0)

    A Turkish television station will censor a scene from The Pacific which features Greek Australians relaying the burning of Smyrna (Ismir) to US Marine

  • The Hellenes are honoured for their role as allies in WWII.
    19 Apr 2010 (0)

    On Anzac Day a rapidly dwindling group of men and women will march down Swanston Street to the Shrine of Remembrance and remember the realities of war.

  • George Pelecanos - Author and Screenwriter
    19 Apr 2010 (0)

    George Pelecanos talks to Fotis Kapetopoulos about his work in The Pacific. Next week he talks about being Greek in the U.S., his latest book release, The Way Home

  • Greek aged care providers are cautiously optimistic about Rudd's proposals
    19 Apr 2010 (0)

    Greek aged care providers cautiously receive Rudd’s aged care proposal

  • “Who loves you baby! Come to mama.”
    14 Apr 2010 (0)

    When he visits home his mother will ask him if he would like a coffee, his sister will say ‘I’ll make it’ and his grandmother will say ‘I’ve already made one.’ Does it sound fam

  • Athens. Foreign Correspondent.
    12 Apr 2010 (0)

    ABC’s Foreign Correspondent is talking to Greeks about how they feel about the financial crisis facing Greece.

  • Footscray Fish Market. Uncertain future.
    11 Apr 2010 (3)

    The future of the Footscray Fish Market is still in limbo as there seems to be no solution to relocating the market without breaking it apart.

  • Maria Vamvakinou with ALP candidate for the seat of Brunswick Jane Garrett.
    6 Apr 2010 (1)

    The last week has seen major Greek community organisations and State and Federal politicians come out in support of Modern Greek.

  • Stathis Tsitouridis, former president and founding member of Pontiaki Estia.
    6 Apr 2010 (1)

    A court order has compelled the Pontiaki Estia Board to disclose its
    membership list to a group of petitioning members.

  • Despina Havelas with Maria Ager, and her autistic son Phillip.
    6 Apr 2010 (0)

    Old ladies have threatened to smack her children. Drunk teenagers have
    told them to “shut-up” and security guards have suspected her as a
    kidnapper of her screaming son. Mar

  • Grade 2 students Alexander Psiroukis (L) and Raphael Dolis (R).
    6 Apr 2010 (0)

    Thirty three years of a Greek bilingual program at a public school in Melbourne.

  • Panayioti and Stephanie
    6 Apr 2010 (0)

    Photographers, Peter Kakalias and Kon Deves were sent out by Neos Kosmos, across Melbourne to capture the spirit of Greek Orthodox Easter.

  • L - R; Pamela (Yannopoulos) Raschella, Damien Parcineau, and  Nick Yannopoulos
    31 Mar 2010 (0)

    Easter aside, it seems that Melbourne’s appetite for chocolate just
    keeps growing, and not just for any plain old chocolate.

  • Labor leadership. South Australia.
    22 Mar 2010 (0)

    The Rann Government is likely to win a third term in government following the South Australian elections over the weekend.

  • 19 Mar 2010 (0)

    A handful of Greek-Australians are hoping to be the catalyst for major political reform in South Australia, by having a significant impact on the result of the state election to

  • Tom Koutsantonis. ALP candidate.
    18 Mar 2010 (0)

    A total of 20 Greek Australians are candidates in the South Australia elections which will take place on March 20.

  • Kris Pavlidis. Women's network.
    14 Mar 2010 (0)

    Whittlesea councillor, Kris Pavlidis launched a new woman’s advocate network, Women Matter Two (WM2) on International Women's Day.

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