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  • 16 Feb 2018 (0)

    Using the Lonsdale Street Greek Festival as a melting pot is apt because this is a festival that is staged every year with the sole purpose of celebrating diversity

  • 16 Feb 2018 (0)

    "The Labor Party and the Liberal Party, more than ever, need each other for their survival, yet their actions have the continuing effect of undermining each other"

  • 16 Feb 2018 (0)

    Or how I learnt to stop worrying and love Greek food as the leading ambassador of our culture.

  • 9 Feb 2018 (0)

    Fotis Kapetopoulos tackles the upcoming by-election for the Australian House of Representatives seat of Batman.

  • 8 Feb 2018 (0)

    There is more poverty than ever before, and there are diabolical efforts to mask this, writes Gerry Georgatos.

  • 5 Feb 2018 (5)

    'Semi-articulation of opinion is no loss to an ochlos that is not interested in listening to any viewpoint that does not reinforce its own narrow prejudices.'

  • 2 Feb 2018 (2)

    Today, reappropriation of derogatory terms as 'endearing' terms is in fact misappropriation. There is nothing endearing about these terms.

  • 31 Jan 2018 (0)

    A very sad day for Melbourne as Ex-Fairfax chairman passes away.

  • 30 Jan 2018 (1)

    The op-ed below was sent to Neos Kosmos as a response to Nikos Fotakis' think-piece “Nationalism Vs. Nationalism - What did we learn from Sunday's anti-FYROM rally?”

  • 25 Jan 2018 (2)

    What did we learn from Sunday's anti-FYROM rally?

  • 25 Jan 2018 (4)

    19 May, is a public holiday in Turkey; a celebration of the legacy of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. For Hellenes, it signifies the genocide of the Greek peoples of Pontus.

  • 25 Jan 2018 (1)

    Entire ethnic groups are labelled as criminals, terrorists, welfare bludgers and so on. This is being used, if not encouraged, by some politicians and political parties.

  • 24 Jan 2018 (0)

    Dean Kalimniou on the 'Macedonia' name dispute.

  • 19 Jan 2018 (0)

    Α month-by-month prediction of events.

  • 18 Jan 2018 (0)

    Dean Kalimniou tackles the Greek obsession with blondeness, and the community's outrage at the use of black actors in Troy - Fall of a City.

  • 12 Jan 2018 (0)

    The hashtag #AfricanGangs has become a substantial platform for African Australians to showcase their achievements as productive members of the broader community

  • 12 Jan 2018 (0)

    'The Centre'.

  • 2 Jan 2018 (0)

    Who gets the coin?

  • 22 Dec 2017 (0)

    Every year, Odisho and his nostalgic of Greece Assyrian friends who lived there in the late 70s and early 80s, get together to have a pre-Christmas dinner

  • 22 Dec 2017 (0)

    And the Tatlin monument inspired Christmas tree in Ioannina.

  • 22 Dec 2017 (0)

    Some thoughts in anticipation of the New Year.

  • 22 Dec 2017 (0)

    Do not let those around us who are doing it tough do it alone, do not let them struggle in silence and dangerously internalise grief.

  • 11 Dec 2017 (0)

    News the Victorian Government is co-sponsoring a visit of a smattering of eugenic euzones next year to the tune of $30,000 has been met largely with euophoria.

  • 8 Dec 2017 (1)

    Erdoğan did not let the opportunity to respond and veer away from protocol himself, stating that he cannot leave Pavlopoulos' comments unanswered.

  • 6 Dec 2017 (0)

    As Neos Kosmos celebrates 60 years, journalist Anastasia Tsirtsakis reflects on what it means to be apart of the team as a second generation Greek Australian.

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