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  • Nick Pelomis stars in The Event.
    28 Sep 2010 (0)

    Nick Pelomis talks to Neos Kosmos about his one-man show, The Event, and the challenges it presents the actor

  • Thyestes: Mark Winter, Chris Ryan and Thomas Henning.
    15 Sep 2010 (0)

    Director Simon Stone talks to Neos Kosmos about his bloody reinterpretation of a Greek classic

  • Steve Mouzakis plays a Jewish meat packer in Syncopation.
    7 Sep 2010 (0)

    Steve Mouzakis is in an award-winning American play about two people who meet through ballroom dancing

  • 25 Aug 2010 (0)

    John-Paul Hussey reviews Jane Montgomery Griffiths' one-woman show.

  • Giorgios Alkaios is coming to Sydney and Melbourne.
    3 Aug 2010 (0)

    Eurovision star Giorgios Alkaios will be performing concernts in Melbourne and Sydney in November-December.

  • Jane Montgomery Griffiths
    30 Jul 2010 (0)

    Jane Montgomery Griffiths, Cambridge Scholar of Classics, actor and playwright reclaims Ancient Greek Poet Sappho

  • Playwright Tom Petsinis
    21 Jul 2010 (0)

    The use of a once oppressed Rebetika music & a forgotten history of the Greek Jews marks Salonika Bound as essential theatre

  • Carl Polke the rock god and musical director of Circus Oz.
    3 Jul 2010 (0)

    Interview with Carl Polke, the Greek Romanian Australian musical director of the latest Circus Oz extravaganza.

  • Heralces 5. A for Atlas.
    25 Jun 2010 (0)

    Theatre director, Xan Colman speaks with John Paul Hussey Heracles High 5 and A for Atlas.

  • Harry Tsiourkadanis from Alpha Ouzeri
    11 May 2010 (1)

    Three restauranters talk to JEANA VITHOULKAS about Flavours of Greece, the Antipodes Festival’s focus on the world of Greek
    food and wine.

  • “The mysterious, yet tantalising, European Man.”
    14 Apr 2010 (0)

    Neos Kosmos’ budding comedian Penni Pappas is about to be a willing
    victim of a One Night Stand.

  • A proxy character realisation
    30 Mar 2010 (0)

    Kosta Nikas' new play, Proxy, has been brewing for 20 years

  • The Swimming Club
    1 Mar 2010 (0)

    While The Swimming Club is premised on the lives of reminiscing babby-boomers the themes have no age barriers.

  • Nikki Aitken
    1 Mar 2010 (0)

    Nikki Aitken is the Adelaide Fringe's hottest new Cabaret star

  • Laugh-a-minute account about growing up Greek and gay in America
    25 Jan 2010 (0)

    Chris Fotinopoulos asks whether the audiences laughed at Sedaris’ readings because he was funny, or because he was a celebrity and comes to the conclusion that he’s a funny celebri

  • Pontians. Wollongong.
    19 Jan 2010 (0)

    Australia’s Pontians will be meeting up in Wollongong for a 3-day event to celebrate their culture, music, dance and food.

  • Jordan Raskopoulos. The Axis of Awesome.
    19 Jan 2010 (0)

    Axis of Awesome will be back in town to wreak chaos on Melbourne.

  • 15 Dec 2009 (0)

    A Greek Australian with a long record of working in the arts and public broadcasting has been appointed to head up Channel 31.

  • Chunky Move
    14 Dec 2009 (0)

    SBS will be launching a 24hr arts channel in 2010.

  • Jordan Raskopoulos (c) with Benny Davis and Lee Naimo or Axis of Awesome
    9 Nov 2009 (0)

    Jordan Raskopoulos, of Axis of Awesome talks (a little only) to NKEE about the new Axis show Infinity of Rock.

  • 7 Oct 2009 (0)

    Xavier Michelides makes an impact with his impeccable charatcerisations in The Post Apocalyptic Users’ Guide.

  • Xavier Michelides. Fringe Festival.
    29 Sep 2009 (0)

    Show us your kefi will provide young talent in Adelade the opportunity to show their wares as part of the 2009 Odyssey Festival.

  • Elias. Eden is West
    19 Aug 2009 (0)

    Vicky Tsacona reviews the latest Costa Gavras movie Eden is West.

  • Andrea Demitriades.Pericles.
    19 Aug 2009 (0)

    25 year old Sydney actress Andrea Demitiriades reveals herself as a confident and effortlessly charming individual.

  • Lysistrata. Monash University.
    4 Aug 2009 (0)

    A new production of Aristophane's Lysistrata at Monash University will demonstrate the relevance of the ancient comedy.

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