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  • 29 Jun 2016 (0)

    Thalia Kalkipsakis talks to Neos Kosmos about her love affair with writing and the latest instalment in her time travel series, Split Infinity.

  • 24 Jun 2016 (1)

    Carstairs diary for distribution Down Under.

  • 1 Jun 2016 (0)

    Yannis Nikolakopoulos and Peter Kazacos create a fun yet educational world using 'Greeklish' as a bridge between two cultures.

  • 2 May 2016 (0)

    Sydney-based writer Efthalia talks about writing her debut novel Phantasma, inspired by ancient Greece and mythology.

  • 2 May 2016 (0)

    The best bookstore in the world is Greek, overlooking the Santorini Caldera.

  • 29 Apr 2016 (0)

    Writer Jorge Sotirios talks about his 'portrait' of the Greek crisis and explains why Australia is not immune.

  • 5 Apr 2016 (2)

    Parents have been begging for her recipes for years, and finally 'Yia Yia' Mary Mitropoulos' kitchen secrets have been revealed.

  • 9 Mar 2016 (0)

    John Vasilakakos' daring short story collection now in English.

  • 7 Mar 2016 (0)

    In His Image (Κατ' Εικόνα) set to be launched in Sydney this week.

  • 26 Feb 2016 (0)

    In her latest book, Tia Mitsis shares her love of Greece.

  • 18 Feb 2016 (0)

    Author Melina Mallos has a winning formula for bringing children in touch with their cultural heritage.

  • 31 Dec 2015 (0)

    The book describes the establishment of democracy in ancient Greece.

  • 4 Dec 2015 (0)

    A study of atheism in the ancient world by Tim Whitmarsh.

  • 10 Nov 2015 (0)

    Pioneering or decadent literature?

  • 22 Oct 2015 (0)

    Eugenia Pantahos has embarked on a fascinating journey in connecting her past with her present through her cookbook Greek Life.

  • 8 Oct 2015 (0)

    The sarcastic 'irresponsible memoir' of a popular 'wog' performer.

  • The book by Greg Callaghan and Ian Cuthbertson is available for AU$29.99.
    7 Sep 2015 (0)

    The extraordinary story of how the gift of a heart gave meaning to a senseless tragedy and inspired a lifelong friendship between two families.

  • 24 Aug 2015 (0)

    Debut novelist Diana Karezi pens multicultural
    Greek island romance.

  • A paint-spattered bank in central Athens after a 2011 protest. Photo: AP
    10 Aug 2015 (0)

    Angelo's perspective makes readers feel less compassionate towards the Greeks.

  • 3 Aug 2015 (0)

    Ilias Fountoulis' book on the story of Greek yoghurt.

  • 18 Jun 2015 (0)

    The life and times of a famous Aussie fighter.

  • 17 Jun 2015 (0)

    Few writers of fiction have taken the Battle of Crete as their inspiration, but Gregory Day's latest work looks to be a precious addition to the genre

  • 5 Jun 2015 (0)

    Australian-based photographer Yanni Florence explores beauty and patterns of meaning in everyday surroundings in his fifth published book of photography.

  • 6 May 2015 (0)

    Male stripper Pistol Pete has written a tell-all book about his life in the private but exposed world of stripping.

  • 27 Feb 2015 (0)

    Sydney author and historian Vrasidas Karalis will launch his latest book The Demons of Athens in Melbourne on Sunday.

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