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  • Poet Dimitris Troaditis in a reflective moment
    31 May 2010 (0)

    John-Paul Hussey meets two contemporary poets who are neither winsome nor nostalgic when talking of home

  • Falconera by Alexis Lada
    29 Apr 2010 (0)

    Alexis Lada's compelling story of love and adventure aboard a Greek Raiding Schooner in World War II is a great yarn, but much more, says Mike Sweet.

  • The front cover of Pantheon
    29 Apr 2010 (0)

    Michael Chiklis introduced the comic book series, Pantheon, at WonderCon, one of the the United Sates leading comics and pop culture conventions.

  • Parlour games.
    8 Dec 2009 (0)

    Myfanwy Jones & Spiri Tsintziras have published a book that will probably be simply known by the delightfully old-fashioned title of Parlour Games.

  • 16 Nov 2009 (0)

    Review of Greek Australian poet Konstantina Dounis' new book, 'Poems for my Mother' - on Olive Grove Publishing RRP $20.00

  • 27 Oct 2009 (0)

    A new collection of poetry by Tom Petsinis draws on his father's tools of trade for inspiration.

  • 20 Oct 2009 (0)

    A Greek graphic novel about the life and times of Bertrand Russell has bbeen a bestseller in the USA and the UK.

  • Angela Costi. Poet.
    13 Oct 2009 (0)

    Three of Melbourne's leading Greek Australian poets and one of Melbourne's leading improvising musicians come together for Tone...silence...speak...listen... a theatric

  • John Humphrys and Chris Humphrys.
    29 Sep 2009 (0)

    Building a house in Greece was such an ordeal,John Humphrys and Chris Humphrys co-wrote a book about the experience.

  • John Vasilakakos. Australian Greek writer and translator.
    11 May 2009 (0)

    John Vasilakakos talks about Patrick White, Costas Tachtsis, his life as a writer and of the reception of Greek writers from Australia in Greece.

  • 6 Apr 2009 (1)
    An Australian Greek academic looks to to acknowledge the works of second generation Greek Australian poets.
  • 10 Mar 2009 (0)
    A review of 'The Hidden,' which is set in ancient and modern Sparta, by Professor Paul Cartledge from Cambridge University.
  • a
    29 Jan 2009 (0)
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