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  • 7 Dec 2010 (0)

    How to do workwear in summer

  • Nia Stavropoulos.
    25 Nov 2010 (0)

    Nia Stavropoulos is a mover and shaker in the fashion industry who enjoys a low profile working behind the scenes.

  • A shade for all seasons.
    15 Nov 2010 (0)

    Our fashionista offers some hot tips on the change of season

  • RMIT Fashion students.
    15 Nov 2010 (0)

    Melbourne Fashion students honour tailoring industry

  • Anastasia Apostolidis' jewellery is on display as part of FORGE.
    15 Nov 2010 (0)

    Anastasia Apostolidis exhibits a collection of colourful jewellery

  • Top heaviness gives you a predisposition to ungainly moobs
    12 Nov 2010 (0)

    Discover everything you need to know about ‘man boobs’

  • Tattoos are good today but bad tomorrow.
    5 Nov 2010 (0)

    Melissa Chrys casts a critical eye over the current ‘obsession’ with body art and asks the question - is it worth it?

  • Being pregnant does not mean you need to be frumpy
    26 Oct 2010 (0)

    You may be pregnant but that does not mean you have to look frumpy

  • Desigual is an energetic and completely unique design from Barcelona
    18 Oct 2010 (0)

    The passion of Spain explodes in global fashion

  • the alpargata
    14 Oct 2010 (0)

    The alpargata is as Spanish as bullfights and flamenco and aficionados have included everyone from Catalan farmers and Parisienne fashionistas to Jack Nicholson and Pope John Paul

  • Suits don't have to be hideously boring, says Melissa Chrys.
    6 Oct 2010 (0)

    Melissa Chrys tailors the latest suit for the professional and stylish

  • Zac Efron looks a million dollars in a plaid shirt.
    27 Sep 2010 (0)

    Our fashionista, Melissa Chrys, on how to look like a rock star

  • Getting things back in order is a priority in spring.
    15 Sep 2010 (0)

    The Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, and Melissa Chrys tells you her list of Springtime resolutions

  • British rock singer, David Bowie, poses beside his Rolls Royce in May 1973.
    8 Sep 2010 (0)

    What makes a real fashion icon? Melissa Chrys picks out come classic fashio heroes.

  • Dassios is known for his colourful designs.
    31 Aug 2010 (0)

    Actor turned accessory-maker, Dimitris Dassios cuts a fine figure

  • Vikki Kassioras loves making beautiful pieces of jewellery.
    31 Aug 2010 (0)

    Melbourne jeweller Vikki Kassioras tells Melissa Chrys about hew jewellery-making practice

  • Man Men features sexy characters and sexy clothes.
    19 Aug 2010 (0)

    Our resident fashionista Melissa Chrys on Mad Men's classic sexiness

  • Hats keep your head warm and hide bad hair days.
    11 Aug 2010 (0)

    Our fashionista, Melissa Cryss, takes her hat off to headwear.

  • 11 Aug 2010 (0)

    James Razos of Rakis on Collins and Andrea Pavlou of Xiang Hair have joined forces for the second year to organise an event to raise funds for breast cancer research

  • Clogs are reminiscent of the seventies.
    3 Aug 2010 (0)

    The joys of the ultimate retro-modern footwear - the clog - are sung by Melissa Chrys, our resident fashionista.

  • Tinas Kalivas
    26 Jul 2010 (0)

    After working for Alexander McQueen in London, Tina Kalivas launched her label and developed a reputation for design which is colourful, tailored and detailed

  • The 90s Riot Girl look is back
    26 Jul 2010 (0)

    Resident Fashionista Melissa Chryss has had enough of theme events, parties and throwback parties.

  • 12 Jul 2010 (0)

    The sexy and sophisticated looks by Arthur Galan help make our city stylish.

  • WAG royalty
    8 Jun 2010 (1)

    Melissa Chrys gives sound advice on looking like a WAG as we ready for the World Cup

  • Good undies maketh the man
    17 May 2010 (1)

    Choosing the right mens underwear is a minefield and the right choice can ensure a comfortable fit and a big night out according to MELISSA CHRYS, our resident fashionista.

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