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Nick Tsiavos' free-flowing musical exploration

The acclaimed double-bassist performs his byzantine-infused music at La Mama, before embarking on a 'small odyssey' around Greece

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24 September 2017

One of Melbourne's most acclaimed contemporary music composers and improvisers, double bassist Nick Tsiavos is performing his solo work, 'One Hundred Months, Third of East' on Monday at La Mama theatre in Carlton. 

"Spacious, mysterious, edgy and beautiful", as Doug Spencer described it for ABC RN, the piece has been a perfect showcase for Tsiavos' sound world where the rich, sepulchral beauty of Byzantium collides with the anarchic energies of Modernism. Tsiavos himself describes it as "a loose architecture of material that allows a free flowing exploration of themes around mortality, relationships and infinity. It utilises the sound world of the contrabass to immerse the listener into a liminal space where the unconscious is allowed to draw its own conclusions".

The solo concert at La Mama, (205 Faraday Street, Carlton) is part of the LaMama Musica program; before Tsiavos another solo work will be presented by percussionist Michael McNab. It will be Tsiavos last performance in Melbourne, before his concert tour in Greece. This 'Small odyssey for solo double-bass' will start from Athens, with a concert at the St. Paul Anglican Church in Syntagma Square, on 7 October and will continue in four other cities around Greece: Preveza (8 October), Ioannina (10 October), Serres (11 October), Kavala (12 October). 

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