Greece is close to endings its eight-year rescue program, after a senior EU official said Greece is close to passing its next bailout review.

The official, who remained anonymous as the meeting with the Eurozone finance meeting is yet to be officially held according to an ABC News story was reported saying that the “disbursement of between 6 and 7 billion euros would start in the second half of February.”

On Monday, parliamentary approval was given to Greece’s latest regular review of its economic policies including “tougher conditions for unions to call strikes, speedier property foreclosures and cuts in family benefits.”

While the government said the measures were “necessary to graduate from economic oversight”, protestors fired tear gas outside Greek parliament as the vote came in.

Such measures were pivotal to Greece’s economic progress, and after completion of the current review, “the final review will take place in the subsequent months and the final decisions to be taken then in June in time for the termination of the program in August”.

It was further reported government spokesperson Dimitris Tzanakopoulos told local radio that Greece is “emerging from its bailouts.”