It is one of the main obstacles that any newly arrived migrant faces: how to enter the job market and find employment.

A lack of local experience makes things difficult and it may take anything from two to six months for a job seeker to start making a living.

To tackle this pressing issue, the Greek Community of Melbourne has been offering an easy and reliable service: an online form created to connect prospective employers with newly-arrived job seekers.

Developed with the online group ‘Newly Arrived Greeks to Australia,’ (ENA Έλληνες Νεομετανάστες Αυστραλίας), the form is open for everyone wishing to employ a new migrant looking for work, and it can be used for any kind of employment, from casual tasks around someone’s house, to a long-term employment in a company.

The GCM stresses that by doing so, it does not reprent either party – neither employers nor, job seekers; it just serves as a liaison, forwarding the advertised position to the ENA within 24 hours.

For their part, the ENA forums spread the word throught their network of newly arrived and advertisments receive responses within a week.

The online form can be found at: