It is unfortunate that the newspaper Neos Kosmos of Melbourne published the article “Nationalism Vs. Nationalism – What did we learn from Sunday’s anti-FYROM rally?” by Nikos Fotakis on 25 January 2018 equating Greek patriotism to Slavic Nationalism.

It is evident from the article that the author picked and chose only specific negative issues that had allegedly transpired just because he relished them on a personal level instead of pointing out the goals and the purpose of the demonstration in Thessaloniki. In this manner, the author acted as a surrogate for the state instead of maintaining a demeanor of accepted norms of professional journalism.

Also, the pro-Skopjan article in hopes to balance the reality of the demonstration to the nonsense of a patriotically challenged Greek government averaged the number of participants to appear as fair and balanced. People who are genuinely familiar with Thessaloniki know exceptionally well the capacity of the areas the demonstration occurred by comparing it to the 1992 million people rally.

It is abhorrent for a newspaper which supposedly serves the Greek community in Australia to attack in essence Greek national security interests by stating that the patriotism of the Greeks is equal to the nationalism of the Skopje Slavs. If the writer is incapable of distinguishing the difference between the two human traits and their relation to their country, he should not get involved in areas he does not understand.

The demonstrators expressed their feeling to keep what is theirs whether it is land, history, heritage, and language. On the other hand, the Skopje Slavs strive to fulfill their irredentist national goal, i.e., the eventual claim and annexation of Macedonia to their Slavic state. How can these two be the same?

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Professor Marcus A. Templar is a former U.S. Army Cryptologic Linguist, Certified U.S. Army Instructor of Intelligence Courses, Certified Foreign Disclosures Officer, SIGINT / All-Source Intelligence Analyst. He is the Macedonian League’s National Security Advisor.
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