Research company New World Wealth (NWW) released its annual report on economic growth per country comparing wealth fluctuations between 2007 and 2017.

NWW has been monitoring private and general population wealth in different economies across the globe prompted by “escalating economic turmoil driven by the collapse of oil process and runaway inflation”.

In its report, Greece appears to be the second most shrinking economy with its people seeing their fortunes dramatically diminishing over the years with an overall 37 per cent loss of wealth.

First came Venezuela with neighbouring Italy sitting on third place (19 per cent loss), followed by Spain (also 19 per cent) and Portugal (13 per cent loss) during the past decade.

Vietnam came first in terms of wealth accumulation with a 210 per cent increase during 2007 to 2017, followed by China (198 per cent), Mauritius (195 per cent) and Ethiopia (190 per cent).