Being a first-time parent isn’t easy, particularly without the necessary support.

In recognition of this, Minister for Early Childhood Education Jenny Mikakos announced this week a $200,000 grant for Playgroup Victoria that will aim to build stronger connections between Maternal and Child Health (MCH) nurse-run first-time parent groups and community playgroups.

“We know being a new parent can have its challenges, which is why connecting them to playgroups can be so beneficial,” said Ms Mikakos.

“This is about providing new parents with social support and ensuring they get the help they need while their children are in those vital early years.”

Playgroups give children the chance to learn through play, with additional benefits for parents who can spend time with their children while meeting other parents in their community. This gives parents the chance to support one another, and has even been proven to be helpful for mothers dealing with postnatal depression.

Through the initiative Playgroup Victoria will work with MCH nurses across Victoria to develop resources that will help connect new parents to local community playgroups, giving them access to ongoing social support and building links within their communities.