In a move to adapt to the pace of technological advance and the changing needs of the customers, Bank of Sydney launched a new online banking platform on Monday.

Designed to be equally suited for desktop, tablet or smartphone use, the new system promises an easier and faster banking experience for the bank’s customers.

“It includes all the features you know and love, but the improved user interface makes navigation easier, which means better functionality, higher security, and faster transactions,” said Bank of Sydney’s CEO Miltos Michaelas.

Among the upgraded security provisions is the option to instantly change one’s card status to lost or stolen or set up a temporary block. As for the platform itself, it features modern fingerprint technology.

“You can now use your fingerprint to securely log into your internet banking account and authorise transactions,” explained Mr Michaelas.

Other features include the option to increase or decrease daily limits, both domestically and internationally, and also to set up alerts for transactions, and balances.