A new study by the Greek Internet Security Center has revealed that parents in Greece spend more time on social media than their children.

“Parents use social networks at a rate of 60 per cent, higher than the percentage of their children,” revealed George Kormas from the Greek Safer Internet Center during a radio interview. He said the number was “shocking”, given that parents were meant to be role models for their young children at a crucial time in their development.

The study results were among a number of interesting findings on internet use in Greece, and were shared on Safer Internet Day observed on 6 February.

Mr Kormas also noted that one in three calls made to the centre’s helpline last year was regarding issues surrounding internet dependence, which is the biggest issue surrounding internet use in Greece.

Online bullying was the motivation behind 20 per cent of calls.

Mr Kormas said that what concerned them was that a number of children under the age of 16 were using social networks.

“We see that parents using the Internet let their children under the age of 13 to log in to social networks at a rate of 53 per cent – a huge percentage,” said Mr Kormas.

“We must be involved in a lifelong learning process so we can perceive changes, challenges and risks, as the internet is evolving.”