Plans for the development of the site of the former Hellinikon airport were approved on Thursday by Greece’s Council of State, which included provisions on the construction of high rise buildings.

The judges approved the investment plan as fully compliant with the country’s constitution and legislation, ticking the box of one of two outstanding prior actions for Greece’s third fiscal review by its creditors and for lenders to disburse the €5.7 billion tranche.

According to the judges, the Hellinikon Project is expected to positively serve the public’s interest with plenty of scope to improve the local economy and provide employment opportunities, along with promoting the Greek capital as a cultural metropolis.

When it came to the plans to construct high rise buildings on the site, which will be up to 200 metres tall deviating from the standard town planning regulations, the judges made an exception, claiming they would improve “quality of life by taking less space, increasing open and green spaces and improving natural and artificial lighting”.

Meanwhile the interventions on the shoreline were classified as only mild, and that they would upgrade the beach as a whole, tying in with the greater development plans for the bay.

The judges made it clear however that despite making exceptions for the project in light of the public’s interest, that the construction would have to adhere to the regulations in full without deviations.