Kristina Miltiadou grew up listening to Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child and Christina Aguilera. A child of the 90s pop scene, hers was a time when big pop ballads and R’n’B tracks dominated the airwaves. But although pop is a genre that polarizes music lovers the world over, it has a place for people to enjoy the love of music. It’s a joyous style of music, one that gets you moving and one that she’s been gravitated towards from a young age.

The first song she ever wrote was a pop song.
“The Melbourne music scene is very eclectic,” Kristina told Neos Kosmos, “it’s less pop, more rock, or indie pop, but there is a great musicality and appreciation in the community for people like me making pop … and seeing the artists I work with, playing shows, watching shows, has broadened my musical scope and influences my pop writing so I think on many levels.”

Kristina says artists like Lily Allen, Sia and Kimbra have given pop a new name. Clever pop that people are appreciating and warming towards in their droves, giving her as an artist an opening to develop and hone her craft.

“Melbourne is a great place to grow as a pop artist,” says Kristina. “I love crafting a hook, playing with it.”
And with that, Kristina is about to launch her first single Carousel, to which she promises there will be surprises in store for the audience.
“It’s really just a celebration of all the work I have put into this first single off my record with producers like Franc Tetaz and M-Phazes, and how hard the band and I have been working on bringing that love and excitement to life with an amazing live show to share with everyone who has supported the track and me and the band so far.”

Her shows are a celebration of pop filled with lots of dancing, joy, beautiful noise and beats.
“We have a pretty exciting cover to reveal at the launch next week. It’s a very dark, ambient take on one of my fave 90s RnB pop songs of all time.”
Kristina sees a definite cross-over between the genre of pop to Greek music
“I think the energy of the Greeks and the role of music and movement in that culture really influenced me,” explains Kristina.

“The syncopated beats of tsifteteli really crossed over into my love of beats, of hip hop, and also the strength of Greek singers’ voices, and the trills, the movement of notes, that’s been a big cross over for me with my R’n’B influences as well. There is warmth, heart, soul and effortless movement in Greek music. I love it and I think it has definitely been a big influence for me.”

Kristina Miltiadou will launch her debut single Carousel in her hometown of Melbourne on Wednesday 28 March, with Planet Love Sound and a special guest DJ along for the ride. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at For more information on Kristina you can visit or