An anti-Greek protest was held in Ankara on Wednesday, when a group of Turkish nationalists gathered outside of the Hellenic Embassy.

The “Morality Foundation for Art and Science” claimed that their rally was a response to the Golden Dawn burning a Turkish Flag in Athens last Sunday. The protesters were holding banners, one of them bearing the Kemalist slogan of the 1922 war “We will throw the Greeks again into the sea.”

“We want to make it known to the world that we, as young Turks, will give the toughest response, if necessary, against racist and fascist approaches aimed at the Turkish Republic,” said the group’s leader, Mustafa Gunes, echoing the Turkish government’s request for the arrest of the flag-burners.

“We will do everything we can to prove that we will even give our lives to protect and maintain our flag that our dead heroes have held with their blood. We declare that we will rouse the people if necessary.”