All of those who came to the sold out concert of the Xylouris brothers last Friday night enjoyed an amazing night of Cretan music.

But it was Cretan music with a difference. Yes, the songs were traditional as were the instruments. But there was something different, smothering intangible. For Nikos and Andoni Xylouyris – performing with local Paddy Montgomery – added something else. It was a modern touch, something of themselves, that brought their songs alive and made one feel that we were hearing them for the first time.

In words that were understood by the audience, it was no wonder that Paddy Montgomery expressed his gratitude to have been able to perform with the brothers anytime they come to Melbourne. And yes, there dancing of course. Who could not have been moved by such miusic.

All I can say is try to see them before they return to Crete in the next few weeks. They will be playing at Northcote’s Spotted Mallard as well as a special evening at Melbourne’s Cretan Brotherhood. Anyone interested in Cretan folk music should definitely make the effort to see these very special musicians.