Eight boats, carrying around 300 asylum seekers crossed the Aegean on Tuesday night, coming from Turkey to Lesvos. It has been a long time since the island had to deal with such a large number of people being smuggled from the turkish coast and authorities have been put on high alert, facing the possibility of more arrivals of that kind, given that Turkey has loosened up security measures in the country’s coastline, and that favourable weather conditions facilitate the journey.

The first boat was reported to arrive after midnight and the rest came at different times during the night, reaching different parts of the island’s coastline. The newly arrived are still being processed at the Moria hotspot, which is already operating over capacity, trying to deal with 5,300 refugees and migrants already stationed there. Authorities struggle to find place to set up new tents in the encampment or find some other shelter for the new wave of asylum seekers.