Ride-sharing service Uber has announced that it will be suspending its licensed services in Greece as of next Thursday.

The decision was announced on Thursday in response to new laws passed in the Greek Parliament in March to restrict UberX services, following protests by the country’s taxi drivers.

“We have to assess if and how we can operate within this new framework and so will be suspending UberX in Athens from next Tuesday until we can find an appropriate solution,” Uber said in an official statement.

“We hope to work with all local stakeholders to find a way to enable Greeks to enjoy the benefits of modern technologies like Uber.”

Head of the Attica taxi drivers’ union, Thymios Lymberopoulos welcomed the news.

“Whoever doesn’t honour the law should leave,” he said.

Meanwhile the tables have turned and now it is Uber drivers who are protesting. Dozens gathered at the Transport Ministry to protest the bill which led to Uber’s decision.

With over 450,000 people having used the app since its launched in Greece in 2015, Uber said that it endeavours to do everything it can to support the partners and drivers who have relied on the service.