The Bluethumb Art Prize is our annual award that aims to raise the profile of Australian artists by supporting, recognising and celebrating their incredible talent and diversity.

With double the prize money and over 2300 Australian artists entering, the 2018 prize is Australia’s biggest new art prize and includes many of Australia’s best artists.

Up and coming Greek Australian artist Stacey Korfiatis has made in in the top 30. You can still view her artwork and vote for her here.



Aiming to subvert artistic conventions of presentation and function, Stacey Korfiatis seeks to surprise and challenge her audience. Rejecting the notion of play as only for children, Korfiatis is driven to create innovative works that deliver experiences, a theme that permeates both her 2- and 3-dimensional works.

Reimagining the 4-cornered archetype, Korfiatis’ painting incorporates sculptural 3-dimensional elements to enable her exploration of the relationship between the subject and frame. Her works discuss issues of autonomy and empowerment in relation to the subject and the question of whether the frame exists to imprison or protect.

Transformation, mechanism and movement are themes central to Korfiatis’ jewellery practice. Encouraging tactile engagement, her designs seek to affirm not only an aesthetic relationship, but a dialogue between each piece and beholder.

Maintaining an active presence in Melbourne’s art community, Korfiatis’ work has been featured in a number of prizes including the 2016 Stanthorpe Art Festival and the 2015 Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award. In addition to making her own work, Korfiatis is always aiming to expand her practice and has worked as a studio assistant to jeweller Blanche Tilden and painter Matthew Quick. Stacey Korfiatis holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Metals & Jewellery) from Monash University.

The piece with which she is competing for the Bluethumb Art Prize.

Korfiatis holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Jewellery from Monash University, Melbourne. She has held, curated and participated in altogether 18 exhibitions.


*Awards, Prizes & Grants
2018 Finalist – Bluethumb Art Prize, Online
2017 Winner – Third Prize in Painting (oil/acrylic) of the Graeme Hildebrand Prize for Young Contemporary Artists
2016 Finalist – 2016 Stanthorpe Art Festival, Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery
2015 Finalist – BUDA 2015 Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award, Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum
2014 Winner – Nava’s Melbourne Soup Session Seed Funding
2007 Shortlisted for the Victorian and Tasmanian International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Exhibition Currency (Equivalent to Top Arts)
2007 Friends of Lauriston Arts Acquisition Award