Greece must refuse to provide the sacred Olympic flame for the next Olympiad in London if the Parthenon marbles are not returned.

If the British government wishes to continue being stubbornly arrogant and childish on this issue then Greece should take its bat and flame and stay home in 2012.

The British can call the London Olympiad by some other name.

In addition to the British government returning the marbles to their rightful home, they must offer public apologies for three wrongs committed in relation to this matter.

Firstly, an apology for the initial theft of the Parthenon Marbles by Lord Elgin who was at the time acting as a British diplomat in the Ottoman Empire.

Secondly, an explicit apology for first buying and then holding on to stolen ancient Hellenic property for two centuries and parading them in an utterly disjointed and pseudo-Hellenic public gallery several thousand kilometers away from their home.

Finally an apology is needed to recognise the real and often forgotten crime in this whole saga which is the vandalising of majestic ancient Hellenic art works.

Lord Elgin had so much love for these marbles that he hacked and butchered them into discretely meaningless segments so that he could transport them back to the murky and cold climate of England where they were initially stored in his shed.

Enough is enough!

The Greek government and Greeks around the world must draw a line in the sand on this one.

Petros Rozakeas
Burwood East, 3151