Thousands of Greeks marched outside the building of the US embassy in Athens to protest US-led strikes in Syria on Saturday and even set the American flag on fire. Other than that it was a peaceful rally.

The protest was organised by the Greek Communist Party KKE and was fueled by anti-NATO and anti-EU slogans the likes of “No to the intervention in Syria”, “USA-NATO-EU are making the people bleed”, and “Americans, murderers of people” with the main banner reading “Greek government is supporting this crime serving the interests of capitalists”

One could even see soldiers in uniform protesting against the attacks on Syria. Police vehicles prevented access to the embassy with protesters leaving peacefully after the end of the march.

Similar rallies against US-led airstrikes against Syria were held outside NATO’s Souda naval base in Crete yesterday and more are scheduled to take place in downtown Thessaloniki on Tuesday by KKE-affiliated union PAME.

Dimitris Koutsoumbas, KKE’s general secretary accused Greek politicians for believing “flimsy excuses about a use of chemical weapons” as well as their “subservience” to the EU and NATO not to mention their support for Israel, AP reports.

“The imperialists once again spill the blood of the local people. They destroy and splinter states by using fabricated evidence,” he shouted.

A protester holds a burning U.S. flag during a rally outside the U.S. embassy in Athens, Saturday, April 14, 2018. Thousands of supporters of the Greek Communist party marched to the embassy during an anti-war rally opposing the military strikes by western countries in Syria. Photo: AP via AAP/Yorgos Karahalis