The end of last week saw three young Greek men from Fourni Island land on the islet of Mikros Anthropofas, an uninhabited rocky island that belongs to Greece’s Ikaria island and part of the Municipality of Fourni Korseon.

The men raised the Greek flag at the islet’s highest point as a response to Turkey’s claims over it. According to EGAYDAAK, a list put together by the Turkish Foreign Ministry icludes Mikros Anthropofas and another 17 islands in the area as part of the controversial areas Turkey insists Greece has no claim over.

The list features a total of 152 islands -25 islands and 127 islets – contesting the Lausanne Treaty.  EGAYDAAK which stands for ‘Islands, islets and rock isles whose domain was not conceded to Greece’  also includes the islands of Thimena and Thyminaki, Xera, Katergaria, Limenopetra, Alafnissi, Kissiria, Kournashti, Strongla, Plaka, Plakaki, Prasonisi, Makronissi, Little Anthropos, Little and Great Saint Minas.