Emily Wilson, the first woman to translate Homer’s The Odyssey into English, is heading to Melbourne.

Next month she will be involved in a special event at the Wheeler Centre, where she will take part in a Q&A with Alison Croggon.

A celebrated classicist, she is the Professor of Classical Studies and graduate chair of Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. Wilson has been commended for breathing new life into The Odyssey. An age-old story of adventure and revenge, she introduces the protagonist for the first time as a ‘a complicated man’ – a figure of many moods and layers – with whom today’s audience can connect.

At the Wheeler Centre she will discuss the process of translation, the concept of truth, and complex heroes.

‘Emily Wilson: The Odyssey Retold’ will take place at the Wheeler Centre on Tuesday 8 May from 12.30 – 1.30 pm. This is a free event. Bookings are essential. To secure your spot, visit wheelercentre.com