There wasn’t a choice of what career path Alexia Hondros would pursue. Her love for all things make-up – from lipsticks to eye shadows – and making people up dominated her childhood. And that fascination with showing people how to wear certain colours, or watching their reaction to themselves made new by Alexia took her on a path to setting up her own freelance business: Alexia Make-Up Artistry.

“Seeing their features become enhanced and when they look in the mirror they look beautfiul,” says Alexia. “It’s about colours and textures and the different shades and what works and finding what works for that person, it’s just like a whole world on it’s own.”

Having just recently completed a full-time course at the Academy of Make-Up, Alexia established her freelance business and works from a home salon, mobile service and at Argyle Hair and Beuaty in Richmond, being entirely available to suit your beauty needs.
A jack-of-all trades when it comes to the make-up biz, Alexia has the skills required through her course to ensure she does the best job in creating a whole new you with make-up.
She has studied in bridal, fashion shoots, theatre make-up, stage make-up, television and film, body painting, Oriental, mother-of-the-bride and feels that being in a freelance business you need to do a bit of everything to meet the customers needs which is always her biggest priority.

“You need to be creative and understand colour,” explains Alexia of her craft.
“You need to know what works and what doesn’t.”

When consulting a client, Alexia says she looks at the whole package. She analyses the event they will be attending, their personality, their skin tone, what outfit they will wearing to the event, whether or not they wear make-up normally and even to checking if they are allergic to any of the products. To help her cleints base their decisions, Alexia has created four scrapbooks of images and previous work to guide them through.
At the moment, Alexia is enjoying the freedom of freelance work and the responsibility it entails, but would eventually like to see her business grow and work with more colleagues on various projects. Having worked in film and television before, this is another area Alexia is keen to pursue.

“Even though the days are long, you really are involved with all the people. It’s challenging but a lot of fun,” she says.
Alexia Make-up Artistry can be found at the home salon at 45 Banksia Street, Eaglemont, Victoria; at Argyle Hair and Beauty Salon, 257 Lennox Street, Richmond, Victoria; or the mobile business by contacting Alexia on 0450 388 468. You can find the business on facebook at