Hip hop power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z, aka The Carters, have used ancient Greek art as symbols to make a statement in their latest video clip.

The song titled Apeshit is the first music video the couple have released from their joint album Everything Is Love.

Filmed in Paris at the Louvre, the song highlights the lack of Black, Asian and ethnic minorities represented in Western art history.

Among other pieces of art, they chose to feature the famed ancient Greek statues Nike of Samothrace and Venus de Milo, also known as Aphrodite of Milos.

The clip sees Nike of Samothrace from the 2nd century BCE in the background, with the performers dressed from head to toe in white outfits said to be representative of the white-washed marble.

In light of the statue’s history, which is symbolic of a powerful female figure from antiquity, it is a fitting choice given Beyoncé’s reputation as a strong and outspoken woman and feminist, who is a popular role model for women around the world.

Meanwhile Venus de Milo, one of the world’s most famous representations of female beauty, has also been received as an apt choice. In the clip, Beyoncé is seen wearing a nude coloured leotard. Dancing in front of the statue, it is said that the artist is communicating that she too, an African American woman, is just as active and powerful a woman worth noticing, despite the lack of such representations throughout the centuries.

To watch the complete video clip for ‘Apeshit’ by The Carters, click below: