Stephanos Tsitsipas will not be progressing any further in this year’s Wimbledon competition as he has been disqualified by John Isner in the fourth round.

The American won the game in a much more difficult manner than what the final 3-0 set (6-4, 7-6, 7-6) would point out, as Tsitsipas’ youthful energy made for some great comebacks that had the crowd in an uproar.

The 19-year-old came in a little too softly in the first set, with Isner breaking his serve and easily winning by 6-4 in just 28 minutes. However, Tsitsipas seemed to recover during the start of the second, leading it to a tie-break, which also ended up in a victory for Isner, 7-6 after 46 minutes of play. The young Greek tried to turn the game around in the third and final set, however Isner’s experience came into play and after a second tie-break he managed to win that set, and consequently the game, by 7-6 after 52 minutes.

Isner now moves out to the quarter finals of the tournament, where he will face Canadian Milos Raonic. Meanwhile, the 19-year-old Tsitsipas has ample time ahead of him to further progress and go even beyond this stage in the competitions that are to come in his promising career.

“It was a wonderful week”, the Greek star said.

“I had goals at the beginning of the year to do fourth round of a Grand Slam. I actually believed it, but I never thought it was going to come that fast and that quick, and it just came with all the hard work I did this year… The vibes and the emotions and the conditions this year were just absolutely perfect, and despite the loss today, I can only take positives out of this Grand Slam, this very important Grand Slam that happens to be Wimbledon, one of my favourite Grand Slams. And I’m leaving from London with very nice memories.”