In last Saturday’s match of the day, competition leader the Hawthorn Spartans hosted the Richmond Central Cardinals, third on the ladder. The Spartans were forced to make changes to their winning combination due to injuries and unavailability, suffered a shaky first quarter finding themselves 2 points behind at the first break. The team released the shackles during the second quarter, kicking seven goals to three to go in at half-time 23 points in front.

The performance onslaught from the Spartans continued after the long break with another seven goal to zip haul, virtually icing the game before the final quarter. The last stanza became a little bit of an anti-climax as the Spartans saving themselves some energy for their annual Ball on Saturday night, let the Cardinals in for a couple of easy goals, but the game was over by then.

Overall it was a great Spartans team effort in meeting a serious challenge on the day.
Final Scores HAFC: 19.16.130 DEF. Richmond Cardinals: 11.8.74
Goal Kickers: T. Demetriou (6), G. Dellaportas (2), J. Bartzis (2), C. Terzoglou(2), N. Criticos (2), M. Wawrzynczak (2), P. Pipertzis (1), A. Demetriou A (1), A. Mitropoulos (1). Best Players: C. Terzoglou , A. Demetriou, T. Demetriou, J. Bartzis, N. Criticos, A. Stavridis