Hundreds of animals, including family pets and strays have died or been wounded and traumatised as a result of the tragic fires that hit Attica last week.
Animal rescue charity Penny Marathon is among the charities heavily involved ensuring the animals receive the medical treatment they need, and that they are either reunited with their owners, or given the loving care they need through foster care.

When it comes to medical expenses and food, the team have been filled with hope, with vets in Greece coming to their aid with pro-bono assistance, while volunteers have continued to give their time generously, and the public donating whatever they can to help keep the animals comfortable.

To ensure they are able to continue to give the animals the care they need long-term, Penny Marathon is accepting donations from around the world.

Priding themselves on transparency, in a statement on the charity’s Facebook page, organisers have revealed their strategy regarding how exactly the donations will be used.

“Experience has taught us that, when public and media interest subsides, the burden is carried by the committed few in it for the long haul,” reads the statement.

“Speaking of commitment, ours is to be clear and transparent with how funds are being used.
“Our strategy with regard to donations raised is long term; for example, needs with regard to fostering misplaced animals and upkeep costs (boarding, food, medical, transport, microchips and so forth) to prepare any animals that are not reunited with owners for adoption or other alternatives.”

A registered charity in Australia with its origins in Greece, Penny Marathon is named after a stray dog in Greece whose life ended tragically. It was founded in 2012 by Greek Australian Eleftheria Prodromou while living and working in Greece as a journalist, after witnessing many cruel scenes of neglected dogs.

Each year in July, the charity hosts a marathon to raise funds and awareness about its work, and has since expanded to different cities around the world, including Sydney where the 7th Penny Marathon recently took place on Sunday 15 July.

Those wishing to donate to assist Penny Marathon in rehoming animals affected by the fires, can do so by visiting:
To learn more about the work being done by Penny Marathon, visit