Greece, being a popular destination for Chinese tourists and investors for years, established strong relations with the Red Dragon with consecutive Prime Ministers offering special business deals in hope of rescuing the crisis-stricken country from debt.

According to data from Chinese online news agency Sina Weibo, Greece is the sixth most popular destination in the world for Chinese real estate investors.

Out of the 2,881 Golden Visas that Greece has issued from 2013 up until last month, 47 per cent (1,351 permits) have gone to Chinese nationals leaving the Russian and Turkish behind with 426 and 289 residence permits respectfully.

The Golden Visas allow non-European Union citizens and their families to reside and work in Greece if they buy property in Greece that is worth at least 250,000 euros, Kathimerini reports.

Even though the Golden Visa program is seen as a positive boost to the economy by the government, Greek citizens are alarmed as the influx of Chinese buyers is pushing real-estate prices to new unaffordable heights for the median-income earner.