Have you ever dreamed about making a film, and then seeing it projected to an audience on the big screen?

Organisers of the Greek Student Film Festival have returned for another year to give students across Australia the opportunity to experience exactly that.
Taking place as part of the 25th Delphi Bank Greek Film Festival, participation is open to all primary and secondary school students of Greek descent, or with some connection to Hellenism.

This year’s theme is ‘A Journey’ and the signature item to be included in the film is a leaf.

Participants are encouraged to be as creative as can be in interpreting and presenting the theme and signature item. Aside from the five minute criteria and the prerequisite that the main language used in the film be Greek, the short film can be submitted in either the animation, documentary or fictional genres.

Entries will be evaluated based on originality and creativity, use of the Greek language, and production values, including picture and sound quality.

The student component of the film festival is now in its eighth year since being introduced in 2010, and since then has significantly grown in popularity, with judges seeing an increase in both the entries being submitted and the calibre of the work coming through.

Aside from being a chance to realise a dream earlier on their lives, the festival also gives students another medium to embrace the Greek language and culture.

Participants behind the winning submissions will have their entries screened at the Greek Film Festival and will be in the running for prizes, which have yet to be announced.

Expressions of interest by students or groups are due by 20 August, 2018 via email to greekfestival@goc.com.au
For more information contact Pamela Proestos on (02) 9750 0440.